MK7 GTI Stage 2 Flex – 283FWKW/588NM – MK7 GTI Flex Tuning In Melbourne – Broadmeadows

We would like to officially welcome Ecotune to Supreme Motor Works. A great first project, this 280FWKW/580NM ED40 GTI.

Known for their various world-firsts and records in the Volkswagen/Audi tuning space, we are excited about the new opportunities and experiences we can now offer our customers.

After researching, speaking to us and seeking feedback from other Ecotune Reflex customers, the owner of this ED40 made the decision to move across from their existing Flex solution.
Key deciding factors were improved performance, smoother power delivery, a comprehensive boost by gear system and map switching functionality.

Working closely with Ecotune, we saw great outcomes on all fronts and satisfied everyone of our customer’s requirements for this project.
With the addition of Ecotune fuelling hardware, we saw final power figures of 283FWKW/588NM at 80% ethanol content.

Over existing hardware, we carried out:
-Ecotune Stage 2 Reflex ECU
-Ecotune Stage 2 TCU
-Ecotune Fuelling Kit

Ecotune Reflex introduces:
-Reflex Flex Fuel, a genuine, no-compromises Flex experience.
-Reflex Select, on-the-fly map switching at the press of a button.
-Reflex Boost By Gear, seamless per-gear boost management.
-Reflex Response, brand new active safety routines.
-Reflex Secure, enhanced vehicle security at your fingertips.

We offer full tuning packages for Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.

Are you looking for more performance from your vehicle and aren’t sure where to start? Get in touch with our team today!

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