RS3 Stage 2 – 297AWKW/533NM – RS3 Tuning in Melbourne – Broadmeadows

FL RS3 Stage 2 | 297AWKW/533NM

Today’s project was a re-tune for this Stage 2 RS3 8V.2.

[Previous performance was regarded as ‘good’, but the wastegate rattle was severe, even after a waste-gate rattle fix was provided by the software vendor.
We worked closely with Ecotune Australia to ensure that the car was in a safe state to recalibrate and set about starting over with Ecotune Stage 2 ECU software.

A final result of 297AWKW/533NM was achieved with a far more consistent power delivery and a stronger top end whilst also completely eliminating wastegate rattle.

We saw an overall improvement in spool speed torque onset but also, quite notably, a strong improvement in drivability as well. All of this at a lower boost level.

Next up we hope to fit an intercooler and inlet to further expand the opportunities for this customer.

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