Stage 2 C63S – 385RWKW/783NM – C63S tuning in Melbourne – Broadmeadows

Stage 2 C63S AMG – 385RWKW/783NM

We’ve been a little quiet on the social media front. New staff, new facilities, new partnerships, let’s get back into the good stuff!

An impressive platform in stock form, the C63S AMG leverages modern technology to offer both powerful savagery and refined luxury, switched at the simple press of a button. For some, the factory levels of brute force simply aren’t enough, and that’s where SMW comes in 😜

After an initial pre-tune hardware check to ensure that the powertrain was ready for the additional grunt front-to-rear and that things were performing as expected, we got down to business.

We reached out to Ecotune for their extensive experience in bespoke ECU and Transmission tuning for European vehicles, and they had just the package for this AMG. In cooperation with their calibrations team, we were able to deliver an incredible outcome for this customer.

An increase of 48RWKW/126NM over its previous ECU software, with full factory safety routines preserved and respected. Drivability is flawless and performance is outstanding.
If you have an AMG, or a different European vehicle, get in touch with us today to have a chat about our performance packages and how they can transform your car.

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