Stage 2 C63S Re-Tune – C63S Tuning in Melbourne – Broadmeadows

C63S Stage 2 Ecotune | 376RWKW/761NM

This C63S visited us, mentioning that despite already being tuned by a ‘well-known’ workshop, they were experiencing some lacklustre performance. A basic test drive indicated that the car was wildly underperforming.

We ran initial data and found various torque interventions, ranging from improper calibration through to a few hardware faults causing further problems.

We set about resolving the hardware faults, and then conducted a thorough pre-tune inspection to ensure the remainder of the vehicle was safe to tune. A clean bill of health saw us working with the Ecotune Australia team to deliver a strong Stage 2 performance outcome.

Both performance and drivability outcomes were dramatically improved, with the introduction of some enhanced exhaust noises to capitalise on the true C63S AMG experience.

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