Stage 3 Audi TT – G2260S Powermax 1 Tuning in Melbourne – Broadmeadows


Today’s fun begins and ends with a simple, effective and exciting drive-in-drive-out package at SMW.
Looking for a budget-conscious entry point for his TT, the owner of this vehicle took a strong interest in Ecotune‘s offerings for the Powermax 1 turbocharger on stock hardware.

After an initial consultation, we decided to head down this path, seeing that it would perfectly suit the owner’s mid-term goals, with plenty of upgrade paths down the line if the itch for more power ever comes along.
A pre-tune inspection found the vehicle to be healthy, however, with a struggling LPFP. We worked with the owner to get this replaced with a new OEM Audi LPFP, and set about the process of delivering some outrageous performance results.

We supplied and fit:
Ecotune Stage 3 ECU
-Ecotune Stage 3 TCU
-Garrett Powermax Stage 1 G2260S
-034 Front Swaybar Upgrade

Enjoying over 100AWKW/170NM gain over the factory IS20 setup, all on stock intake, downpipe, intercooler and fuelling.
The owner of this vehicle routinely engages in track, tarmac rally and mountain touring events professionally and has reported nothing but stellar performance on road.

Join cam in his Ecotune Audi TT on an Australia Tarmac Rally stage below!

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